The Project - Kitaskiinan Kawekanawaynichikatek

Kitaskiinan Kawekanawaynichikatek - Protecting Our Land, is a project that is bringing together five Ininewak (Cree) Nations to protect our shared homelands. Our community, York Factory First Nation (YFFN), initiated the project in August 2020, and is collaborating with Fox Lake Cree Nation (FLCN), Tataskweyak Cree Nation (TCN), War Lake First Nation (WLFN), and Shamattawa First Nation (SFN). Together, we will discuss establishing a possible new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) in our traditional territories in northeastern Manitoba and along the Hudson Bay coastline.

YFFN has accessed funding allowing the five Ininewak Nations to work together (in person, or through virtual meetings/conference calls - depending on COVID-19 safety and restrictions). This includes funding for establishing a Working Group (for the five Ininewak Nations to meet regularly), hiring part-time Community Coordinators in each community, and visiting our traditional territories and other IPCAs. Our communities will work together towards developing a shared concept and vision for establishing the new IPCA.

The map shown highlights a preliminary area for discussion. This area, and the lands adjacent to it, have been home to our ancestors since time immemorial. It contains many natural, cultural, historical, and spiritual areas important to our peoples. YFFN does not propose all of these areas be protected, but that the five First Nations meet and discuss our shared interests within these areas, and consider what places are best for Indigenous-led protection.

Kitaskiinan Project Area
Kitaskiinan Project Area - HTFC