YFFN School Pilot Project

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The YFFN School Pilot Project is a collaborative effort between the YFFN Project Team and George Saunders Memorial School (GSMS) staff in York Landing, Manitoba. Initial discussions took place in early Winter 2020 with the idea that the youth are going to be the future stewards/guardians of our traditional lands and territories. Our elders felt that the youth needed to be included in the planning and development of this forthcoming IPCA (Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area) initiative.

The YFFN Project Team created an outline of learning topics/subjects that would help GSMS staff create awareness of the project and support their current land-based teaching approaches. Project relevant topics/subjects include:

The GSMS staff will focus on each topic/subject (at specified intervals) and submit their applicable teaching materials/activities to the YFFN Project Team. These materials/activities would be collected and organized into a final ‘legacy’ document serving as a template (or model) for other participating communities to follow or expand upon.

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