IPCA Resources

IPCAs (Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas) are lands and waters where Indigenous peoples lead the protection and conservation of ecosystems through Indigenous knowledge systems, governance, and laws. Indigenous governments have full scope in designing IPCAs to meet their specific values and needs, and are responsible for setting their own conservation standards and rules.

A new IPCA can bring ecological, cultural, social, and economic benefits, such as:

For more information on IPCAs, please review the report by the Indigenous Circle of Experts (ICE), ‘We Rise Together: Achieving Pathway to Canada Target 1 through the creation of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas in the spirit and practice of reconciliation’.

ICE Report - We Rise Together

Recommended Websites

Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership (CRP)

The Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership is a seven-year initiative that aims to critically investigate the state of conservation practice in Canada and support efforts to advance Indigenous-led conservation in the spirit of reconciliation and decolonization.

Website: www.conservation-reconciliation.ca

Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI)

The Indigenous Leadership Initiative fosters Indigenous nationhood as a way to conserve and manage Indigenous lands. An Indigenousled effort, it empowers Indigenous governments, communities and Nations to honour and fulfill our cultural responsibility to the land.

Website: www.ilinationhood.ca

IISAAK OLAM Foundation

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation mobilizes knowledge and fosters capacity for the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. Our focal areas include Indigenous-led conservation and climate action, Indigenous economics, and reconciliation.

Website: www.iisaakolam.ca